Architectural Drawings

modern architectural drawings in pakistan

Architectural Drawings:

Architectural drawings are essential for any building project that falls within the definition of architecture. These drawings are used by architects, contractors, builders, etc.… for a number of objectives. These drawings are also being prepared and used by architects to convince clients on their work.

These drawings are being prepared as the work stage of the project. We can categorize those stages like.

  • Architectural drawings for client (proposal drawings, presentation drawings, etc.…)
  • Architectural drawings for construction (construction drawings, working drawings, etc.…)
  • Architectural detail drawings (detail construction drawings, working details, etc.…)
  • Misc. drawings (wall features, landscape details, water bodies, etc.….

Proposal and some presentation drawings are provided to client before the construction of the project for its approval. Working and detail construction drawings are being provided when needed at the site after client’s approval. There are a number of methods of drawing and drafting these drawings, usually and mostly architects are using different computer software for these architectural drawings, E.g. AutoCAD, Google Sketch Up, 3D Max, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw. A majority of drawings is created using CAD software.

You can differentiate these drawing into two basic types.

  • 2D Drawings
  • 3D Drawings

2D Drawings:

Basically, 2D drawings are provided in the shape of construction and detail drawings, and these drawings being prepared in AutoCAD software.

3D Drawings:  

                These drawings also called 3D visualizations and renderings. For the satisfaction of client and for promoting your work in the field of architecture, these drawing being created by the help of some enormous software e.g. 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.….

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